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HMC engineering system consists of people with many years of experience in the field of engineering production in the Czech Republic and abroad.

To our partners from smaller, medium and larger companies, we are able to provide resources and skills that they do not have, both technically and commercially and linguistically equipped staff. We are also a very interesting partner for these companies due to our speed, flexibility and financial stability.

The partner companies we cooperate with are from the field of chip and non-chip machining, both on conventional machines and on modern CNC machines. We have free capacity for turning and milling on small and medium machines, up to large horizontal and gantry milling machines. As standard we also provide grinding, planing, deep (cannon) drilling, bending, welding, annealing, hardening, chrome plating, nitridization (blackening), galvanizing and other technological operations, necessary for the production of modern and quality machine parts.

Our customers include companies from the engineering industry, such as automotive, railway or oil and offshore companies.

We also offer complete services in the field of quality control and NDT – non-destructive testing of material and welds, thus ensuring independence from the manufacturer.

We provide the following methods:

  • RT – radiation test
  • UT – ultrasound test
  • MT – magnetic test
  • PT – capillary test
  • VT – visual inspection

We will also arrange transport by own vehicle or contract carrier.

Types of cooperation:

  • production of parts according to customer documentation
  • production of design unit according to customer
  • performing an operation on a workpiece
  • development and design work
  • inspection and NDT

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