We offer our business partners 3D measurement on the WENZEL LH65 CNC X3M Premium three-coordinate measuring machine.

The LH 65 is an accurate, dynamic and reliable coordinate machine. LH is a universal and flexible machine for various applications with revolutionary design. It offers high mechanical accuracy, perfect ergonomics and dynamics. This new generation of machines is equipped with a new incremental measuring device, extremely rigid against dirt. This provides accurate position and stability evaluation while maintaining high speeds in all three axes.

The above mentioned features, intelligent software, accessories and a complete package of services put these machines in the TOP position.

Features and Benefits:

  • conforming material in all three axes under heat load ensures the internal accuracy of the new generation LH
  • High resolution of rulers ensures precise results
  • Accurate touch on loose shapes and geometric elements with innovative sensor technology
  • Intelligent algorithms and network technology ensure very fast bulk data transfer
  • X and Y axis paths are precisely protected from damage and dirt
  • An innovative drive system and all-axle mounting ensures low wear of the base material

Measuring range in X / Y / Z: 650/1000/500 mm

Usable machine plate area in X / Y axis: 850/1700 mm

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