Coating tools

Our company offers to customers not only sharpening of tools, but also resulting coating tools. Accordant coating is choosen based on using concrete tool for material. We closely cooperate with leading coating companies. We are able to coat or polish both monolithic HSS, HSSCo and TK tools, rolling hobs, rotary components, such as shafts, as well as molds, forming, progressing and shearing tools.

Advantages and main advantages:

  • increased productivity and maximum wear protection
  • smaller and smaller macroparticles, and thus better sliding properties of the layers
  • softer and smoother layers and thus better abrasion resistance
  • more compact, higher hardness and toughness
  • increased adhesion and hence the possibility of thickness and layer over 10 μm
  • increasing the service life and reliability of tools for: cutting – cutting – forming

Used types of coatings:

TiN                                                                                                                                               TiCN                                                                                                                                         TiCC                                                                                                                                             AlTiN                                                                                                                                 AlTiSiN

and their variants and combinations…
low-temperature process below 200°

Size of coated parts:

Carousel diameter: 540mm
carousel height: 750mm (maximum height of coated part)
weight: 80Kg (higher weight on inquiry)

Do not hesitate to contact us with your request.


Another important elements for quality coating:

  • Clearing – available fully- automatic wash station working with separate wash spa
  • Pre-preparing – for optimal preparation surfaces which are not acceptable to direct processing in vacuum (e.g. eroded or oxidizing), we use process of sand micro-blasting
  • Re-coating – in case of multiple coating layers it is neccessary their removing. Available are chemical eventually electro-chemical procedures, without risk of damage steel surfaces or hard-metal substrata.
  • Diagnostics – using of opto-electronic system for eventual analysis wear tools and failures.

Comprehensive engineering solution = the right choice for You