The specific focus of the audit is in the following areas Machining:

  • Analyzing and solving technical problems in manufacturing:
  • Technical preparation of production
  • Optimize cutting parameters
  • Optimize manufacturing processes
  • Creation of performance standards
  • Achieve a rationalization when machining difficult-materials
  • Optimize machining strategies for programming NC and CNC machine tools
  • Optimize tool paths using CAD / CAM systems
  • Manage and flow tools
  • Testing of cutting tools
  • Analysis of material flow in production (the flow of materials machined)
  • Quality Management
  • Implementation of advanced technologies (high speed machining – HSC, high feed works machining – HFC, high-volume machining – HPM, etc.)
  • Support of the production of new product introductions and changes design improvement (Lean Manufacturing)
  • The encouragement of product testing at the customer and others by appointment

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